The Orient.

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Tibetan Yak

Water Lilly

Manaslu Trek Nepal

Street Scene India

Mountain Beauty

Sadhu on Water


Sacred Site - Bhutan
(from a photo by Rodolfo Contreras)

Himalayan Bonsai
(from a photo by Gerhard W. Albicker)

Sufi Dancers

Cappadocia, Turkey

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan
(from a photo by Rhoda Perkins-Boyer)

Kids Playing, Tibet

Tibetan Monastery

Boat and Sky, Istanbul
(from a photo by Nedjet Duzen)

Oxen and Driver

Mule Train, Nepal

Wandering Sadhu, India

Tibetan Gompa, Nepal

Hot Air Balloon, Cappadocia

Ladakh, Tibetan Plateau

Village Life, India

Milking Time